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We passionately create, collaboratively innovate, and meaningfully communicate. Co-creating in a space where challenges fuel growth, surrounded by those we admire and cherish.


iegaMOVES envisions a boundaryless world, fostering a vibrant, compassionate community where individuals express freely, draw strength from support, and enrich the global tapestry.

Kevin Iega Jeff, CEO of iegaMoves

Photo:  Joe Mazza

Launched in May 2023,  iegaMOVES,  LLC/S-Corp marks the next artistic chapter for the distinguished choreographer, director, dance educator, artistic consultant, and cultural community builder, Kevin Iega Jeff. Before the inception of iegaMOVES, Iega's influential mark on the dance world was prominent, stemming from his pivotal role in co-founding and directing JUBILATION! Dance Company in Brooklyn. This entity symbolized his unwavering commitment to portraying and honoring the African-American cultural journey through dance.
Transitioning to Chicago, Iega co-founded Deeply Rooted Productions in December 1995, which subsequently gave birth to the esteemed Deeply Rooted Dance Theater. With Iega at its forefront until December 2022, the company emerged as a prominent figure not only in the Windy City but globally.
His foresight also set the stage for the upcoming Deeply Rooted Center for Black Dance and Creative Communities, a creative hub dedicated to dance brilliance, educational pursuits, and collaborative artistic innovation.
As iegaMOVES comes to life, it's set to promote Iega's diverse artistic projects. While doing so, he remains devotedly tied to Deeply Rooted, paying homage to the enduring spirit of his mission and life’s work.


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